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Daniel Mouyal Is Next To Blow

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Daniel Mouyal is a 26-year-old Hip-Hop, Reggae, House and Dancehall singer, rapper, and producer from Miami, FL. He’s a Taurus even though he isn’t big into zodiac signs.

Recently his single A Little Too Much has picked up traction peaking at #3 on the Apple Music hiphop chart in Canada.

A song that is self proclaimed to be deeply personal. Daniel says we can expect the best visual he’s ever done thus far for the music video. The video has already been filmed and produced in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel. Daniel has been in Yeshiva since August of 2022 and he has been recording music with his mobile studio setup. Daniel said he went there to seek truth. This month we can expect an announcement from Daniel about the release of his album Yeshiva Freshman.

So, what have you been doing with yourself over the last few days?

Besides taking care of myself, I’ve been on tour in New York doing a two week circuit.

Where have you been performing?

I performed in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, it’s been LIT. I love it.

Fans are excited for Yeshiva Freshman, who are some of the artists we can expect to see on the album?

I’m excited for you all to hear the music!

It’s amazing that people are being patient.

There’s a couple of fire features on the project

@Oryahh made a couple Bangers with me. And @KoshaDillz who was on @Mtv @Wildnout also has a fire banger with me.

Who are your top five rappers?

@Jay-Z, Biggie, @Tupac, @Eminem, @Drake.

Honorable mentions would be 3 stacks, @Rakim, @BustaRhymes.

Who’s your favorite musician of all time?


As far as this newer generation of rappers, where do you think you stand amongst them?

When I say I’m the best I’m just me at my best. I notice lots of influence from Wayne so shouts to him.

Any artists you like that are underground?

Yeah. Shoutout @NissimBlack and @LchaimOg

How do you measure success for yourself? Both musically and personally?

I am successful. It’s about enjoying the journey and the process. Love what you do.

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