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Spice Releases New Single “Queen Of The Dancehall”

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The ‘Queen of Dancehall’ is here to secure her crown with her new modern dancehall single “Queen of the Dancehall,” which comes shortly after the release of her 2023 single “God A Bless Me,” which she released alongside a viral pregnancy photo signifying her rebirth and new outlook on life since her medical scare in late 2022. She also released “Spice Marley,” her first-ever reggae single, which is also an homage to Bob Marley.

The singer’s newest track will have an accompanying music video released today Friday, April 14th on Youtube.

“Queen of the Dancehall” is my new anthem and a return to my roots with an authentic Dancehall Bassline sound that my fans love,” says Spice. “It’s a reminder that no matter where life takes me, or what I have been through, I remain in my truth as The Queen of Dancehall.”

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