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C.J. Brookes – “A Fate Greater Than Man”

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My birth name is Derick Parker, but I go by C.J. (Chase Jaiman) Brookes. Born in 1994, I am originally from Lakewood, New Jersey, and I relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2013. My artist logo is designed to mimic the lemniscate, also known as the symbolic numeral representation of infinity. I’ve been working on music for about a decade now (late 2012/early 2013), but I’ve struggled for a while with the financial means and resources to invest in myself up to this point. I’ve also had quite a few life opportunities taken from me, and many doors shut in my face; however, I chose to use my experiences for inspiration to become a better songwriter/artist, while taking the time to develop as best I could with production. I’m finally at a place, overall, where I feel confident in selling my music and taking the next steps in advancing what I’d love to see become an actual, full-time career. I’m late in my journey, but better late than never, I guess.

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