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Nadu Impacts The Industry

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Nadu Is a young producer coming out of London, United Kingdom, He has been producing for 3 years. He has been making the sound that is the most prominent in the UK which is UK Drill. His producer influences are Timbaland, Dr Dre, Scott Storch, Jay Cactus, Ghosty. Nadu has a unique way of twisting the regular Uk drill into his unique sound by adding classic samples or by using instruments that hasn’t been used in drill. Over the last 2 years he has really showcased a tremendous amount of versatility by tapping into his roots and making AfroBeats. He is of African descent with both parents from Ghana, West Africa. Late 2022 things really started to pick up for Nadu when he signed to The Circle. The Circle has been a big help in transitioning his sound into more mainstream sound. The Circle Management has done an excellent job in putting his name out there and promoting his sound. His goal coming into 2023 is to build his connections more and to grow his social media following

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