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Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Names Letty The Official Lady Bone

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Brown Bag Mornings has the legendary Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in the studio and they were so excited. Letty, DoKnow, and Rosecrans Vic go on to say they have been big fans since they were little.

Doknow even tells Krayzie Bone about a story when he was young and heard his music, “That s**t has been stuck with me since I was like an 8 years old little latino kid.” If you are from LA you know at least one Bone Thugs-n-harmony song. Krayzie Bone go’s into detail on what it was like creating such iconic songs.

Their music transcended to different cultures, like the latino community. DoKnow asks Krayzie Bone if he know their impact was going to be so big and he says, ” we had no idea, we had no idea . . . we didn’t really look or think about what kind of fans we was going to have.” Rosecrans Vic then tells Krayzie Bone the latinos all claim them.

Letty asks Krayzie how he was so successful in having such a close bond with his group and what advice would he give new artists. He says, “It take sacrifice on everybody’s behalf . . . but we have always given each member their time to breathe.”

They go on to talk about iconic moments in hip hop history and what inspired all the songs Angelinos know til this day.

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