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EM$o – “Dark Rooms”

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The luminary Swiss rap artist EM$o added some fresh Reggaeton flavour to his new-wave hip-hop signature in his latest music video. Dark Rooms was written as a tribute to the passionate protagonist who showed him the light away from the dark entropy he succumbed to after hailing from one of the most dangerous cities in Switzerland, Biel / Bienne.

The gratitude-driven release carries a fair amount of emotional weight, but anyone that can relate to the rags-to-riches redemption arc will find vindicating resonance by the smorgasbord in this fiery yet rhythmically smooth hit. It carries a few earworm propensities, but the true gravity of this radio-ready feat of Reggaeton is undoubtedly the lyricality.

Between the lines, EM$o proves how deep scars from trauma can run; even if you’ve left Trap life far behind, no amount of mental and physical distance can erase painful roots until you weed them out and plant a new perspective.

Dark Rooms is a stellar return from EM$o’s debut album, Differences; we’re stoked to hear what lingers in the pipeline.


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