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P.U.R.E: The Independent Rapper Bringing Back Golden Era Hip Hop

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P.U.R.E is an independent rapper from Virginia who’s bringing back the golden era hip hop vibe with his unique style and inspiring music. He’s set to release his new L P, Made2, which he promises is a classic that his fans will surely enjoy. To tap in with him now, P.U.R.E just released a new single off the project Made2, called “Hitter’s Touch” that is already catching waves.

P.U.R.E is not just another rapper who repeats what others write for him. He writes his own lyrics and believes that a true hip hop artist must be able to create their own music to be recognized as a craftsman. His passion for music started when he was just five years old, listening to his father and his siblings harmonize gospel songs. Little did he know that he was being trained to sound and his love for music grew from there.

The road to success hasn’t been easy for P.U.R.E, who comes from a single-parent home with his loving mother and younger brother. However, hip hop music and its culture saved his life and gave him the inspiration to pursue his dreams. Despite facing challenges along the way, including a period of homelessness with his wife, P.U.R.E remained resilient and worked hard to achieve his goals.

P.U.R.E wants his music to energize and rejuvenate his listeners. He blends street knowledge with wisdom to create inspiring tracks that are a certified win. His music is a reflection of his journey, and he hopes that his fans can relate to it and find inspiration in it.

Apart from music, P.U.R.E is a family man who takes care of his wife and kids. He works hard every day to ensure that everything is smooth and well taken care of. When asked who inspires him musically, P.U.R.E cites old 60s and 70s music, which he believes has a real sound that’s missing from modern music.

Looking ahead, P.U.R.E is excited about his new LP, Made2, which is scheduled for release in October. Even more present, P.U.R.E just released a single off the project called “Hitter’s Touch” that can be streamed on his spotify. He’s also hoping to collaborate with Rick Ross, an artist he admires for his elegant and classy style.

In conclusion, P.U.R.E is a talented independent rapper who’s bringing back the golden era hip hop vibe with his unique style and inspiring music. His journey to success has been challenging, but he remains resilient and committed to his craft. With his new LP, Made2, set to drop soon, fans can look forward to more inspiring tracks from this rising star. Tap into his work here with his Instagram and stream his music on his Spotify!

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