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The Shop With Cordae, Druski, Rich Paul, Steve Stoute, Maverick Carter and Paul Rivera

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Grab a seat for Season 6 Episode 2 with agent and founder of Klutch Sports Group Rich Paul, comedian and internet personality Druski, rapper Cordae, businessman and record executive Steve Stoute, marketing executive Paul Rivera, and entrepreneur Maverick Carter. Rich Paul drops some serious knowledge on how he negotiates max contracts and what it actually takes to be a max player, Cordae talks about why longevity and real fans in the rap game are most important, Druski discusses convincing his family of his dream to do comedy, and Steve Stoute gives insight on why corporations, conversely, need artists and creators, and that all money isn’t good money. Plus, Cordae explains why he said no to working with Maroon 5 on a #1 record. Kick up your feet and remember…in the barbershop you can’t lie.

In LeBron James’ words…”Everything happens in The Shop.” The Sports Emmy Award-winning series The Shop UNINTERRUPTED is back for Season 6! Join us this season for new episodes featuring the biggest names in the game for unfiltered talk about sports, music, and culture.

Check Season 6 Episode 2 Below:


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