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First Watch Party At SXSW With Host Actress Gina Torres

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Under My Skin: Untold Stories of Life with Eczema is a new documentary short film that uncovers the extraordinary physical and emotional challenges faced by people living with eczema. The film follows three individuals who share their personal experiences with what can be an unpredictable skin condition, showing us the power of having the courage to seek help. The film was created by AbbVie in partnership with award-winning Redglass Pictures and will have its first showing at a private watch party on March 14 at SXSW 2023 in Austin, Texas. The watch party is hosted by host Gina Torres, star of Fox’s “9-1-1: Lone Star.”

“I’m thrilled to host the first showing of Under My Skin and am proud that a film has been made to shine a light on a disease that affects 31 million Americans and is often misunderstood. As someone with a family member that has eczema, I hope this film makes those living with it feel more hopeful and less alone,” says Torres.

The film follows Lanese, a single mom who took control of her own condition after seeing it affect her young daughter; Rob, who sought help from a dermatologist with encouragement from a loving girlfriend who saw the toll eczema was having on his emotional well-being; and Alexis, a young woman who discovered a supportive community after sharing her story on social media. As the film uncovers what is often unknown and misunderstood about this chronic disease, it shows that having the courage to seek help can turn a story of suffering into one of hope.

Under My Skin: Untold Stories of Life with Eczema is co-directed by award-winning filmmakers Sarah Klein and Tom Mason from Redglass Pictures. The film is presented by AbbVie.

Watch Trailer the Documentary Below:


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