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Spaceboi Kenny introduces Ground Breaking Sound in new video “Kingdom Hearts”

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Rising artist Spaceboi Kenny has shocked the gaming world with his new, “Kingdom Hearts”. A music video inspired by the popular video game franchise, and it’s set in the heart of New York City.

The music video, aptly titled “Kingdom Hearts,” takes viewers on a journey through the streets of New York, with Spaceboi Kenny opening up about his struggles and pain in life and relationships. The visuals are stunning, with the neon lights and skyscrapers of the city providing a breathtaking backdrop for the video.

With such a unique sound, Spaceboi Kenny brings a raw and emotional energy to his music, “every song I try to incorporate my real life emotions so every song I drop is how I was feeling in that moment “says Spaceboi Kenny, and “Kingdom Hearts” is no exception. His lyrics are introspective and reflective, and his delivery is both powerful and vulnerable.

But what really sets this music video apart is the way it incorporates elements of the Kingdom Hearts game into the visuals. From the use of the iconic Keyblade weapon to the incorporation of Heartless enemies, the video pays homage to the beloved game franchise in a creative and visually stunning way. He blends genres, incorporates gaming culture into his music, and creates a visual experience that is both engaging and immersive. It is truly a new wave of music and artistry.

So if you’re a fan of emo rap or Kingdom Hearts, or just appreciate creative and innovative music, be sure to check out Spaceboi Kenny’s “Kingdom Hearts” music video. It’s a must-see for any music or gaming enthusiast. “Especially if you fuck with old Nintendo and PlayStation 2 games it’s something you won’t want to miss!” Says Spaceboi Kenny. Be sure to tap in with him through social media @spaceboikenny.

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