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Gaten Video For “Hummin”

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The ATL is recognized worldwide for producing game-changing rappers. If you’ve been paying close attention, it looks like Eastside Atlanta’s Gaten may soon be added to that distinguished list. An absolute monster on the mic and one of the hardest working artists doing it, he’s the latest heavy hitter rising from the streets, destined for greatness.

Since releasing “Hummin,” the new single off his highly anticipated mixtape, The Glitch God, word of his skills and overall likeability has been the talk of his city — and that word is spreading fast well beyond the city limits. The song scored coveted forthcoming support from BET Jams, spins on influential radio stations, Hot 107.9 and Streetz 94.5 and coverage on AllHipHop. He was also selected as a featured performer at a number of high profile music showcases at SXSW in Austin TX this year.

Proud of his humble roots, Gaten cites the struggle and strife he faced as a youth as the catalyst to becoming the artist he is today. He developed a hustle-at-all-costs mentality while turning to the music of rap pioneers like Tip, Gucci and Lil Wayne to help him move through it. And like his heroes, his not-so-secret weapon is pouring his real life experiences directly into the music. Relatability for his fans is the name of the game. He recently told AllHipHop: “I came from the mud. I came from the bottom of having nothing. Damn near everything I’m rapping is real life, it’s nothing made up. Anybody can relate. If you don’t feel it, somebody around you can relate to it. That’s what I really want you to get from me rapping, it’s a whole story behind it. A whole meaning behind it. For sure you can relate to it.”

On “Hummin,” he emphasizes that hard work is the message. “Everyday you wake up to new challenges, living in a country built to break you. ‘Hummin’ inspires you to get up everyday and strive to reach your goals! My goal everyday is to wake up and get me some BRAND NEW MONEY!”

With over 500 songs already recorded and in the chamber, the hard work is paying off. And one thing is for certain, this self proclaimed “electrifying” young star is just getting started. Keep your eyes and ears tuned in.

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