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Rapper Schlish new release “Abandoned”

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Recording and performing artist Schlish is in sixth gear. As artists are getting acquainted with the fresh new year, Schlish is wasting no time and is already dropping undisputed tracks and forcing his peers to keep up along the way. He recently dropped off a new visual called “Abandoned,” which is a flaunty new song that showcases Schlish’s skills in a way audiences haven’t seen yet. The song details the life he wants to “abandon” in order to pursue greater things to achieve success for himself and his family.

This year alone, the Washington D.C. artist who pairs storytelling, transparency and soul into his rhymes over a vast majority of beats, Schlish (which means laid back) has already embarked on an onslaught of pressure releasing three tracks over the course of the last couple of months.

Following up on the momentum of recent tracks, “Shady,” “Legend (Open Mic Freestyle),” and “Abandoned,” prove how his work ethic and impetus make him one of the artists that should be on the audience’s radar for the new year.

“I plan to release very often,” he admits in a recent interview. The track “Abandonded” is about Schlish prevailing despite the odds. Schlish is cognizant his upbringing plays a major role in his music content.

“Though I’m in a negative upbringing, I want people to know you can believe in yourself,” he says. “Because music is my outlet to vent and to say how I feel, most of my songs are based on situations in my life or other people’s lives I’ve been around. A better life inspires me to get my family in a better position to see them win.”

“My sound is just real, I can give you goosebumps with my stories, and I can be the voice for the people,” he continued.

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