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Danish Devise releases new song “Serve ‘em Up”

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Danish Devise talks about her struggles into the music industry. “People have come  to me as if they wanted to collab, but they really wanted me to sign over the rights to  my music through their crafty contracts”. Truth be told Danish Devise is a talent without a team. This puts her at a disadvantage. It makes her more susceptible to be taken advantage of by people who want results without putting in any real work. “Good thing I like to read. So I read the contracts.” Danish explains.  “You can’t just believe what people say even if at the time it’s genuine. My ex  husband and I once thought we were going to love each other til’ death do us part.  Now, we have each other blocked.” To add insult to injury she has been ripped off by what she’s described as reputable people. “You don’t know for sure that you can’t trust them, until you read the contract. Now, when I’m approached it’s like, “Shut up and show me the paper.”



As a female rapper Danish also has advantages. She’s a  beautiful woman with natural curves, and she writes her own lyrics. This  girl markets resilience! Born and raised in New York, Danish grew up in and out of foster homes and homeless shelters. She wrote poetry and songs as a way to cope. “It was my only  escape..” She explained. Escaping from the harsh reality she endured as a teenager in the system, Danish used her book smarts and went back to school. Currently, Danish Devise holds a Masters degree and works as a registered nurse. Danish Devise uses her career to fuel her passion. Although Danish is heavily criticized for her transition into the music industry she’s unaffected. “I know what my gift is and I know what I’m supposed to do with it.” 


Fortunately, Danish Devise has chosen to  share her gift with the world. Her latest single “Serve ‘em Up” is streaming and on a steady incline. “Serve ’em Up” is an empowering anthem with a a vibe that makes people want to take control of their lives and assert themselves. Its magnetic rhythm coaxes listeners into embracing change while letting them know they have a right to remain true to who they are, no matter what life throws at them. No matter what people think.






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