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Toosii Drops “Favorite Song” and Hits Billboard Hot 100!

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Armed with an image of him standing in front of an illuminated crowd, Toosii debuts the official audio for “Favorite Song”. The moving, melodic track was produced by Adelso, who also produced “Heartaches” and “City Of Love” from Toosii’s Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do (Deluxe), and Tatiana Manaois. By the time the second verse creeps in, you can’t help but shed a tear. You instantly imagine the woman he is trying his best to love, trying his best to balance his life as an artist and the fans that made his dreams a reality.

“Someone to help you sleep, yeah
 Someone to pick you up when you feeling down, feeling lonely
 Need somebody Who can make it better Somebody Who can open up those gates Open up those gates to your heart Only if you’ll let me”
Toosii describes “‘Favorite Song’ as what woman expects from a man. It’s a heart-throbbing, real-life, and motivational record. But yet a distinct song that is bound to be your favorite song.” The track samples Tatiana Manaois’ “You Might As Well,” which previously premiered in 2022. Toosii teased the track on TikTok and Instagram and his fans have been adamantly asking for it ever since. Since it’s release it has become rapidly become the “Favorite Song” of millions with over 1.6M views on YouTube, hitting Billboard Hot 100 and amassing over 424k streams in 24 hours. While he maintains his position as Number 2 on Apple Music’s Hip-Hop/Rap Top Charts.
Check out “Favorite Song” Below:

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