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Meet Artist and Entrepreneur Piccaso Black

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Piccaso Black, an up and coming artist and entrepreneur, has been the talk of Paterson, New Jersey lately. With his undeniable talents and business mindset, he has quickly become a go-to professional due to his innate abilities. Throughout Piccasso’s childhood, he embodied the music lifestyle as a result of his talented family. Meastro, his father, was a reggae DJ and local nightclub owner which assisted Piccasso in choosing his path in the entertainment business. With his Caribbean background, Piccasso was introduced to a plethora of music genres, cultures, styles and applied all of this to the development of his artistry.

At the age of 16, Piccasso stood in the spotlight at the Apollo where he auditioned and moved forward for the first round of “Showtime”. Although this was the beginning of a prominent music career, Piccasso faced many tribulations legally. Soon after his run-in with the law, Piccasso’s mother made the difficult decision to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. It was in Atlanta where Piccasso had the opportunity to network and collaborate with entertainers such as Soulja Boy, Jody Breeze, SB Skooly, Yg Keezy (RIP), Lil Rap, DJ Black Boi, and Skooter Beats, to name a few.

Following the development of his instagram page, Piccasso quickly caught the attention of fans and prospects far and wide. Displaying his lyrical talent via freestyle snippets and releasing captivating music, his fanbase grew rapidly. It didn’t take long until Piccasso was consigned by Coke Boys member, Chinx Drugz (RIP). Additionally, he had the opportunity to network with mainstream artists such as, King Bach, Saigon, Camron, Loaded Lux, Lady Luck, Mariah Lynn, and more! DJ Kay Slay also played a major role in Piccasso’s artistic direction due to his influential career. He continues to work with rising star GameOver, Rgm 150, and the Hoolie Nation Camp!

While building a buzz in the music business, Piccasso ventured into the world of film. His journey began with the short film, “Hotwingz and Blue Cheese”. Soon after he filmed and directed the short film, artists started to seek his talent behind the camera. To add to his long list of attributes, Piccasso took the initiative to learn about the marketing and advertising industry. He is now partial owner of the firm “Yeswebuildit” where he utilizes his education and raw talent to assist people in building a foundation for the company via marketing. While working diligently to ensure his success in the area of business, Piccasso owns 50% of a jewelry company named “Kenzymii Diamond Imports”.

With all of the success Piccasso has experienced within the last few years, he has continued to tour on and off since 2018, providing his fans with unforgettable experiences. One thing is for certain…. Piccasso Black is a prominent artist and business professional who sets the tone for others who are looking to pursue their dreams. As he continues along his journey, be sure to follow him as more blessings pour into his life.

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