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D.O.M of DnD – “The Simpleton’s EP 2: Jewelz Blu-Galoo”

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2023’s about to see D.O.M of DnD hit the ground running with his latest project, “The Simpleton’s EP 2: Jewelz Blu-Galoo.” With the accompaniment of artists such as Rick Ross and Kurupt on his album, he samples and dedicates each of the songs to pornstars and ASMRtists who have helped him feel less alone during the pandemic as well as motivate him to create music and experiment with new concepts. There’s everything for all sorts of people, ranging from hardcore energetic bangers such as Nightfawn and Johnny Sins 2.0, to chill vibes such as Skittykat and Lana Bee 2.0, to classic headbangers such as Indigo White 2.0 and DTW/DTL. His project is one of the more conceptual ones out there, capitalizing over the questionable content and diverse appearances of artists, ranging from hard hitters to local diamonds in the rough.


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