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Building a Love That Lasts: The Journey of Ryan McGann and Colleen Power

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Ryan McGann and Colleen Power are a couple who have been together for over a decade. They met as freshmen in high school almost thirteen years ago and became friends quickly. While they grew up in neighboring towns, they attended different high schools. They met through mutual friends from each of their grammar schools and they consider themselves lucky to be friends with the same group today.

Ryan and Colleen did not start dating until two years after they met, which was the beginning of their junior year in high school. They have many memories together from their high school days, like hanging out with friends, going to the movies, getting ice cream, or going for drives around town. One of their favorite memories is going to each other’s proms. They went to four together! They also enjoyed spending long days at the Jersey shore and singing Mr. Brightside at college parties. Since graduating college, they have spent time exploring New York City together. This includes going to Rangers games, trying new restaurants, and checking out Central Park. They have also made many memories while traveling – from escaping New York winters with a trip to Florida, to traveling internationally to London, Paris, Rome, Aruba, and Barcelona. At the heart of all these experiences, they love trying new things together and creating memories side-by-side.

As with any long-term relationship, Ryan and Colleen have had some rough patches along the way. They have encountered bumps in the road during periods of big transitions like starting college, graduating, heading out into the real world, and navigating work schedules. However, they have always been able to weather the rough periods knowing that they were a team and had each other.

It is hard for Colleen Power and Ryan McGann to pinpoint an exact moment when they knew they were meant to be together, but they say that there were a lot of small moments along the way that built together to reinforce that it was meant to be. Whether it was Ryan surprising Colleen with flowers after a long day, slow dancing at an event together, or just something as simple as seeing each other’s smile for the first time after being away from each other for a day or a week, it is the small memories shared together that constantly remind each other that they are each other’s better half.

One of the most memorable moments in their relationship was when Ryan proposed to Colleen. Ryan picked the weekend of their parents’ annual tradition of spending one weekend together down the Jersey Shore to propose. He had planted many decoys throughout the day, and the plan was to have happy hour drinks on the beach with Colleen’s parents and Ryan’s family before heading to dinner at a favorite restaurant nearby. Ryan and Colleen walked to the beach with their moms, and once they got to the water’s edge, Ryan proposed. He had also coordinated Colleen’s siblings showing up as a surprise, which was so special to have both of their entire families there to celebrate the moment. After proposing and taking pictures, hugging their families, and FaceTiming friends to share the good news, Ryan and Colleen shared a beautiful picnic on the beach with their families. They ended the night back at the house listening to music and swimming in the pool. It was a perfect day filled with unforgettable memories.

As they continue to navigate life’s transitions, the relationship between Ryan McGann and Colleen Power is a testament to the power of love, friendship, and perseverance. They have been through it all, from the highs to the lows, and have come out stronger and more in love than ever before. Their journey together is a beautiful reminder that true love can endure and that being with the right person can make all the difference in life.

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