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Australia’s Chief Maez Shares “Trade Offs”

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Chief Maez is a promising hip hop artist from Canberra, Australia, who’s making his presence felt across the Australian music scene. Looking to further make an impact and revitalize Aussie hip hop, Maez signed with Sydney based indie record label, 1802 Records and zoned in on sharing his unique talents. The artist just dropped his newest single at the beginning of December.

Ending 2022 on a high note, Chief Maez released his single titled “Trade Offs”. It’s a reflective anthem that puts on display the artist’s assertive yet relaxed lyrical style. The new hip hop track is one that can be played at many occasions and still fit the vibe.

Chief Maez is working hard to shine a light on the often ignored black/African-Australian experience and hopes to one day share his newly developed sound with fans across US and Europe.

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