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SR.Gent’s 3rd Studio Album – Ripples (A Relationship Story)

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Favorite Tracks: Body, Cruise, Last Time, Call Back, Lost Love

Viewing love from an artist’s viewpoint can seem like a mirage seen at a distance. Lately, my pursuit of some of the greatest relationship stories told from a musician’s angle led to me this R&B album – Ripples by the Orlando-based recording artist SR.GENT.

Over time, so many studio albums have been dubbed as Love stories but soon as you sample the first three tracks from that album, you tend to lose the devotion. Love is known to be a universal feeling. However, not every artist can identify with it the way Sr.Gent did on his recent album. I picked interest in this album recently and listened in to its first track – “Body,” which lured me to keep on listening. This could be generally rated as one of the best R&B albums from 2022. I had a prior interest in some other competing 2022 albums, but my best experience came from Ripples.

Just like a ripple of laughter running through an excited crowd, Sr.Gent’s Ripples album is a whole vibe that will leave you astonished. With its inspiration drawn from everyday relationships, his album uncovers such loyalty throughout all the tracks. This kind of relationship story explained through the eyes of a star makes you want to listen to it more and more.

Ripples, the third album of Sr.Gent’s roseate career was released under his independent record label – LTP INC. Served hot with a completely solo vibe, this is surely the best of his work. Its perfection is preceded by simple and rather captivating artwork, perhaps just because it’s perplexing at first glance. The ripples in the background reflect the music presented throughout the album.

Sr.Gent as a versatile artist and accomplished songwriter tickles the maximum out of his gift despite the experience. The amazing production behind each of his tracks serves as the frontman for this album soon as you start listening to it. With a classy and jazzy kind of R&B vibe, he gets it off with the single “Body,” conceived as the dawn of all the tracks that follow. The charismatic frontier of such a universal theme makes this album even more attractive. As you dive deeper into the other tracks, you may need to start with; “Fine,” “Cruise,” and “Love & Basketball”. All these tracks uncover that admiration in R&B music – from the sweet and soft lyrics to the captivating melodies. I enjoyed listening to these songs just because they were not only charming but also relatable. Of course, a lot of people have streamed multiple relationship albums and lived through some of these lyrics. Nonetheless, when an album features tracks that are both relatable and catchy, then it’s bound to surpass its predecessors. This is a fact that Sr.Gent was able to achieve on his album. Not leaving out his mollified vocals on tracks, including; “Love Ain’t Here,” “Loyal,” “Call Back” and “Heartless”.

Undeniably, all the tracks on Ripples are very intense and well thought out. Solely written by Sr.Gent, with production done by various producers, including; DopeBoyzMusic, Sean Ross, Klae Beats, Kid Ocean, Nate Rhoads, BDM, Tantu, Corbette, The Legion, Way Wiz, and Songwriter Vault, the album is entirely mesmerizing. When I listen to “What You Said” and “Lost Love,” I am not even thinking about the pensive side of relationships, but the way Sr.Gent is able to pay attention to detail. This side of his artistry makes him admirable for his ingenuity and just how he can switch up his flow in several genres. He tells a deserving story from the beginning to the end.

From “Body” to “Loyal,” till the last track “Stay True,” Sr.Gent rides in sync with a sprinkle of two of his favorite genres; R&B and Hip-Hop. Magically touching each genre through his production and delivery, there is no other way to rate this album than ceding it to a Five Star.

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A U.S. Army Ret turned musician is one way to introduce the versatile and talented artist SR.GENT. An Independent record label owner – LTP INC, the Orlando-based recording singer has built a following through his captivating and entertaining music.

SR.GENT is a proud and committed father who also graduated from the Berklee college of music back in 2017. Music has always been an undying passion for him since his youthful ages with inspiration from artists such as; Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, and Lyfe Jennings. He released his debut album titled “Contrarian” in 2022, which set off his career to the level that he is at currently. His incredible versatility and utmost flexibility, breaking all the conventions and incorporating many different influences are many of the traits that will make you fall in love with his sound. There are only a few multi-genre artists that make every style of music sound more appreciable the way Sr.Gent does.

You should certainly check out all his current discography, including his latest album – “Ripples” and also follow him on his social media platforms.





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