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Spiritualist Satin Sanchez’s Influence on the Culture continues to Ascend

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If Satin Says it, The Culture can count on it.

Spiritual Advisors such as Sanchez have served in The Entertainment Industry, aka “Hollywood,” for many decades as the stars always seek direction, confirmation, and motivation from those they trust.

As you can imagine, there are levels to this type of gifting, and as a result, some come highly recommended while others blend into the smoke and mirrors that can sometimes surround Self-Proclaimed “Spiritual Advisors.”

Fortunately, Sanchez seems to have carved out a safe space for some of the most renowned names in entertainment who’ve taken and found confirmation in her advice, guidance, and ability to see.

Sanchez’s “Satin Says” has garnered thousands of followers across social media and abroad.

The Serial Entrepreneur has launched several successful businesses that all share the same mission, which is to meet the people where they are in their journeys with their skin, spirituality, fertility, and overall mental health, to name a few.

Sheen Magazine asked Sanchez,

“How can women get in touch with their inner needs? What’s the best way for us to listen to our bodies?”

Sanchez said,

“That’s just it! Listening to our bodies is key, but as simple as that is. We do everything but that. I don’t know why but, it’s a common practice for us to know we need to take care of ourselves better, but we are too busy making sure our loved ones are ok, we rarely find time to prioritize ourselves.
I would recommend women tap into their spiritual journey with daily use of my products, to join my amazing support groups, where we uplift and enlighten. We have group meditations, and we have meet-ups that are like feminine empowerment events; it’s so exhilarating to be a part of the sisterhood!”

We anticipate a fantastic year for The Satin Says Brand turned Manifesting Movement as she continues to serve some of our favorite names and the everyday person next door.

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