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Louisiana’s Donnie Fresh Is Next-To-Blow

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Rapper-Donnie Fresh, born Donald Mutin Jr. in 1997, always knew he wanted to convey his emotional experiences through his music. Going through his catalogue his work takes you on a rollercoaster from heartbreak, success, losing loved ones, mental health battles and so much more.

Every song that listeners hear drop them into tensely vivid scenes. Tracks like “Farewell Letter”, shows him discovering about his best friend cheating with his then girlfriend and his point of view through their relationship ending. Depression has been an openly discussed topic with Donnie, included on his song “Truth Is”, becoming his biggest buzz and his most relatable song with many around the world. It describes his emotions after learning that his grandmother passed away and takes you further into his life. Both tracks were included on his first project “The Tales of Motel 6” which hit over 1.4 Million Streams. Other high streamed singles like “Pinkslip” ft. BeatKing & “Slabs in Screwston” ft. Lil Flip & Elevator Jay show his versatility in writing upbeat, dance records.

The New Orleans native started his musical journey after he evacuated to Houston, TX due to Hurricane Katrinas devastating landfall in 2005. He quickly picked up several instruments such as the guitar, and taught himself how to play. This helped mold Donnie into the sound we hear today. With his relaxed style, vivid lyrics, & smooth R&B hooks, he continues to show why he is next.

Donnie is heavily involved in raising awareness for Mental Health. He has openly expressed his struggles with Depression and Suicidal thoughts. During one interview he also shared some of his battles with Xanax, Anxiety & PTSD but has remained clean since his addiction. In 2019 Donnie started his “Fresh Start Foundation” where he frequently hosts events for the youth in his community.

Big Paper Academy was established in 2018, Donnie is the lead member and founder of the collective and record label. In 2020, artist Dvniel Lee also hailing out of New Orleans, LA, was added to the roster. Since then he has dropped his highly anticipated project, “Bad Things Happen” which includes his hit single “Save Me”, streaming over 103,000 times. His fans rave about his unique style and vivid lyrics, making Dvniel Lee one of the dopest MC’s.

Come 2021, Donnie recruited yet another artist reigning out of New Orleans, LA, XLBryce. In 2022, XL debuted his project “Condolences”, taking him to a whole new level. “Love Train”, included on that project, took fans to new heights with his different style of word play and story telling about past pain and trauma.

What’s next for Donnie Fresh?

He recently announced that he will be releasing a new project titled “If Not Me, Then Who?”. He didn’t release much information about it but it’s expected to take you along a journey of upbeat, feeling good to songs that can help save your life. “I just want this album to be a surprise for all my core fans and supporters” he said. Donnie recently released his first single off his upcoming project called “No Handouts” which is sparking a buzz worldwide.

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