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‘House Party’ Cast Speaks On Appreciation For LeBron James & Feeling No Pressure To Out-Do Classic

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D.C. Young Fly, Jacob Latimore, and Rotimi are bringing in the new year with no pressure of expectations, as their latest collab project ‘House Party’ puts a classic film back at the top of all of our minds.

First premiering in the 90s, the original and certified classic ‘House Party’ film starred legends like Martin Lawrence, rappers Kid ‘n Play, Tisha Campbell, and many more, and while the 2023 edition of the movie has officially dropped, the trio of new generation actors has settled in their confidence of not trying to out-do the original, but make a new classic for themselves. Centered around Lakers star LeBron James, D.C., Jacob, and Rotimi’s chemistry behind the scenes helped the film’s organic nature take shape and furthered their appreciation for James, making it even more worthwhile.

Speaking with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty, Demi, Javen, and Greg C, the House Party cast explains what it means for them to step into huge shoes but make it their own, and they also go on to share their own house party playlist, and much more.

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