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Cabanaa Cartier and Fat Fool have the DMV streets buzzing with their new EP “Free Bands”

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Cabanaa Cartier and Fat Fool have the DMV streets buzzing with their new EP “Free Bands”. They flaunt their luxurious lifestyle and rich habits through their polarizing lyrics and captivating music videos. This 6 track Ep features an inspirational speech from Baltimores own @Tenkbree for the intro & 5 great tracks performed by Fool & Cartier. Unraveling the content of this project gets interesting because if you listen closely you will discover hidden gems under the lavish portrayal and insidious wordplay. With stand out tracks like “Shit Ain’t Cheap” and “Free Bands”, you get to explore the harsh realities of what today’s generation of women expect from the everyday man. 

Fool and Cartier are not new to the game and they have used their real life experiences to get all of their listeners hip to what’s going on out here. On “Shit Ain’t Cheap” Fool raps: “You can buy love, but that ain’t cheap, I can’t buy love, that just ain’t me”, which basically means money only grants you temporary loyalty. Other tracks such as “Dddddd” and “New Shit” , Cabanaa leads them with a reflection on how people treated him in the past when he was broke to now where he has become the person that his peers told him he would never be. On “Dddddd” Cabanaa raps: “Gotta talk money to me because it was days niggas stunted on me, memba’ nights I was down bad, wasn’t shit funny to me”. This is a hard comparison of his life before and after his struggle period. 

Collectively, Cartier and fool are two dominating forces in the music industry with unique skill sets and a deeper message. Since the release of their ep on January 1st 2023, they have dropped a music video entitled “Free Bands” where they go on a diamond heist which leads them to go on the run. This adventurous film was creative directed by Cabanaa him self and directed by Glasshouse Productions @_thegreatjustino & @fatbellynile. With Fool & Cartier starting off 2023 on such an elite level the possibilities are limitless on what the two have in store both collectively and individually. Until then, I will leave you all with two words… FREE BANDS!!!


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