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Izye Takes Listeners on Cathartic Musical Journey With Latest Project F**K Boys, Get Money!!!

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Everyone goes through some sort of breakup throughout the course of their life, but no one releases their emotions about their old flings quite like Izye. The Bay Area native’s debut album F**k Boys, Get Money!!! finds her reflecting on past relationships and finding the inspiration to pull herself up by her bootstraps and press on.

“I got my heart absolutely crushed by a guy I had been seeing,” said Izye. “So every time I wanted to text or call him, I would go to the studio and make a song or beat…it was therapy for me.”

On F**k Boys, Get Money!!!, the lifelong singer and performer combines elements of R&B, hip hop, trap fusion, and pop with candid lyrics to create vivid imagery and memorable cuts throughout the project. The intro “Bad 4 Me” is a woozy, syrupy track that lays the groundwork for the sweet revenge Izye is looking to take on her ex. “Drip”, the album’s lead single, is more bouncy, and “tiramisu” continues that upbeat vibe while also featuring fellow R&B singer Brooke Amor.

It is clear that Izye is showing her true feelings on her debut, and while her lyrics are certainly relatable to those who are fresh out of a relationship, they are just as therapeutic for the artist herself too.

“My inspiration was myself,” she said. “I had to turn to myself to find that the love I was searching for all along was inside myself.”

As for her 2023 plans, Izye plans to keep pushing on full steam ahead. She has live shows and collaborations planned, and she also hinted at the possibility of another music video being released soon. Boyfriends beware; Izye’s latest project may have your ex-girlfriends acting up.

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