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The Mekanix ” 18 Wheeler ” feat E 40 & Mitchy Slick (prod by The Mekanix) – YouTube

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In a world that feels like it’s moving faster by the day, there’s always a record that can slow down time for us. That special display of music that feels good to hear as the elements work together in perfect harmony to make something enjoyable for us to hear. That incredible display of music is what you get from Mekanix. In fact, icons from different industries, especially entertainment, look almost the same. This somehow shows that those who deviate from the standard have a limited chance of success. But today, since the introduction of characters with diverse cultural roots, these standards have been slowly challenged, pushed the boundaries, exceeded expectations and broke the status quo for many years.

Kick off the new year with a bang — the Bay Area production team, the Mekanix, has just released their first track of 2023, “18 Wheeler” featuring none other than two West Coast legends – E-40 and Mitchy Slick. The Mekanix have a signature sound that is timeless and known for their mob sound and basslines. Fans can look forward to their follow up album “Restoration 2” due this March, and much more!!!

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