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Tomer Orenstein: The Rising Pop/Rock Star Taking the Music Industry by Storm

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Everyone has a unique talent that makes them stand out from the crowd or in a saturated industry like music. It takes work to grab the spotlight. But if you put forward your best talent, your music will attract fans. Growing a fanbase is the dream of most musicians, but one, in particular, is making it look easy. That is none other than Tomer Orenstein, known in the industry as TOMER.

TOMER is an up-and-coming pop/rock artist already sending shock waves across the industry. The Israeli star has a unique way of captivating everyone who listens to his songs. His vocals blend seamlessly with his beats, which are a mix of pop and rock. You cannot help but become absorbed when TOMER grabs the mic to perform onstage. The same is reflected in his singles that have garnered millions of views on YouTube and other media streaming platforms.

TOMER is a dedicated songwriter, singer, and co-producer who oversees everything from composing his songs to production. That may be one of the reasons why his songs become hits when they come out, but there is more to his tracks. TOMER shares his life experiences through his music. The negative energy he gets from his relationship is channeled into his music. He uses it to compose heart-touching songs, which his fans find irresistible.

The Israeli superstar has had success with his many songs. Besides getting over 2.3 million views on his previous releases on YouTube, his singles have been recognized throughout the industry. His tracks “Vertigo” and “Tears” were chosen for Universal Music Group’s “Spinnup” playlist. His shows were also sold out. He has also performed onstage in Tel Aviv, Kyiv, and Los Angeles.

TOMER has had massive success with his previous songs. His current hit track is “Heartbreaker.” He blends rock, pop, and indie into this song and some aspects of electric and acoustic guitar with punching drums and other instrumentals. TOMER shares his experience from a previous relationship that ended abruptly. This track shows he empathizes with heartbroken people, but that is not all this talented artist has to offer.

If you have a date night and want a track to put you in the mood, add “Fall In Love” to your playlist. This is his latest release following the success of “Heartbreaker” and “Tears.” Once again, TOMER’s sultry vocals are paired with slow and sensual beats that create a seductive ambiance. The song was written by TOMER, who teamed up with producer Ofir Bahalul to produce the track. The result was a song for lovers that you can put on repeat.

There is no stopping TOMER. This superstar is committed to entertaining his fans. He already has a new album coming out on January 3rd, which is expected to break his previous records. Given the success of his previous releases, you can expect nothing less from this talented artist. His goal is to win a Grammy Award and inspire millions through his music. He is already fulfilling the latter part of his goal, performing on big stages across the continent and inspiring his fanbase. He is yet to get an award, but with his new album yet to be released, the least expected for him is a nomination for a major industry award.

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