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Bigg Badd Back With BADDABOLIC

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Roydel Ramsay better known as Bigg Badd is a talented music artist hailing from Ajax, Toronto. Bigg Badd has been active in the music industry for about a year and a half. Although he started taking his music career more seriously less than two years ago, Bigg Badd has made a lot of fans. He has always had a passion and talent for music since he was younger. He used to rap when he was young. During COVID in 2020 he took music more seriously. In two years he has made a lot of major moves. He has had major artists host his singles. He finished his first mixtape entitled; “BADDABOLIC“. Coming from the lower east end of Toronto, Bigg Badd definitely represents as he delivers passionate bars over well selected beats. Currently Bigg Badd is on house arrest for gun possession and a few other gun charges. He refuses to let that stop his dream and works on music and his career every day. Over the past summer Bigg Badd was on tour with a few other artists from Toronto. This was his first tour performing around the Ontario region. Currently Bigg Badd is an independent artist. He is planning on releasing his very first ever LP in the new year titled “RA-PEGGEA”. The LP is a mix of trap, rap, and drill music. For now he is focusing on continuing to record and shoot videos. He wants to keep bringing that hardcore rap music which is the foundation of what helped build and shape the industry to what it is today. Bigg Badd is known for songs such as “Hit A Lick”, “Like A Movie”, and remixes.

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