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Upcoming artist Sam Byrk

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What does it take to break into the million stream mark? A lot of talent and an assembly of passionate fans who just can’t get enough. This rising star could add this milestone to their career because they managed to do it 5 times since 2021.

Amidst the recent 2021 partnership with Diesel Collective founded by ShakkDiesel and Vydia, Sam Byrk has seen a leap in streaming numbers surpassing 5 million. The Netherlands-based artist is as diverse as they come with music that shows the influence of indie rock and rap and is best known for his ability to maneuver between different genres efficiently and organically.

Sam is undoubtedly riding on the glory of a successful music career. He has been working closely with his friend Philo and his audio engineer B4GGIO spending numerous hours in the studio creating hit after hit. As the new year has begun fans can await a lot more music, content and collaborations with Sam Byrk.

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