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Byrd Gang’s Very Own YellowTapee Talks her Come Up, New Music and Teaming up with Jim Jones

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Bryd Gang artist YellowTapee ( Two 2E’S & don’t forget the second E cause this sh*t TOO EASYY ) as she says was born and raised in Harlem. Initially from the eastside but grew up all over Harlem, from uptown, downtown, westside, eastside & Spanish Harlem.  YellowTapee also lived in Brooklyn where she attended elementary and junior high school but Harlem is where she’s stamped.

YellowTapee created her own buzz by demonstrating her talent in a series of freestyles. She went from recording music at home on her laptop to recording in professional studios within a year. She’s been recording at Plug Studios NYC since 2016. It started off as a house studio and as the studio grew, her career grew as well.

YellowTapee started taking music seriously in 2020 when she began to drop music on all platforms & collaborate with well known artists such as Phresher and BigggSlim. Her music has reached fans around the world from Canada, Italy, Poland and Russia. YellowTapee has performed at the legendary SOBs, MajorStage, for Phresher’s all female showcases and a series of underground shows throughout New York City. Yellow has always had a passion for music and is inspired by artists such as Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and DaBaby.

In a recent interview YellowTapee was asked what her recording process was like? She responded “I like to go to the studio with my songs already written down so when I get to the studio I’m just recording and knocking everything out so the engineers can mix and do their ones and twos. When I’m in the studio the process is pretty fast for me, being that everything is already written I love it. However, when I’m in a session with Jim Jones and Byrd Gang he puts us on the spot. He throws a beat on and tells us to write to that right then and there. That’s a bit more pressure and a challenge for me, but helps, I love a challenge, nothing I can’t handle.”

The Harlem artist has worked with Phresher on a song titled “Yellow Smoke”on all platforms. She has a song getting ready to drop with Biggg Slim. YellowTappe has a few songs with one of the hottest artists in NYC, Dyce Payso. YellowTapee recently worked with Steph G on a song titled “On My Body” dropping on all platforms 1/1/23 off The Yellow Print . The Harlem boss Jim Jones has several songs with YelllowTapee. “HOW YOU LOVE DAT” feat YellowTapee and Pap Channeloff the Gangsta Grillz is a hit! If you haven’t heard it, go check it out today. Yellow has a few artists that she hasn’t worked with yet but would love the opportunity to like, Connie Diiamond, Young Devyn, Kenzo B and more ladies because she has so many male features.

YellowTapee explained how she linked up with Jim Jones in a recent interview with Hip Hop Weekly. She stated her & Jim actually grew a relationship on IG before she got to link him. She reached out to him and was so shocked and surprised he reached out back to her, and he loved what he saw and they exchanged numbers. Eventually she popped out to Dyce Payso signing and from that day forward she’s been very much active and doing her job with Jim and the team. YellowTapee stated. “Jim tells me to stay consistent, Jim tells me to stay on it, so much he tells me to stay out of the romance life and to stay focused at all times. Jim is a great mentor and he always gives great advice.”

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