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Journey of Fast Rising Artist ChaiKey: Becoming Everything I Imagine

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Chai Key is a creative director and multidimensional artist – poet, painter, writer, model, singer, actress, pole dancer.

She always loved the arts and spent a lot of time reflecting, so She started off creating for herself. She reads, wrote, drew, painted – and of course, listened to music and watched TV a lot – growing up; these were her escapes. For years, people said I should model, and I had doubts; She experienced social anxiety at its peak in her teens.

I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue, but I wanted to prove the negative voices in my head wrong, and I did. I started modeling in 2018. She says

Since then she has realized she desires to share stories through her music and short films. She got where she is today by collaborating with other creatives, leaving her comfort zone, and sharing creations.

It hasn’t been a smooth road, but the obstacles have been lessons. Some of the challenges were juggling her hats, businesses, creations, mental health, and personal life/relationships, while still discovering herself as an individual and a creative person.

Lately, focusing on her health is helping things flow better.

She is known for modeling and creating visual art. She is most proud of her progress with pole dancing and music.

Her main focus is now shifting from modeling to media promoting wealth and well-being, especially in the black community.

She is currently creating a mini web series as well as complementary scripts, an ebook, and music. She speaks best through her creations.

Her works revolve around a young black artist’s experiences with anxiety, depression, and her vices. It will follow her journey to overcome, live a healthier life, and inspire others to do the same.

She has been working on this for the past couple years, mostly in private. She is learning to take a different approach. Things are becoming more clear, thanks to the inspiration of other creatives, Shelly Murdock, Fit2Flaunt, 19Keys, BWO, and Yah’ki Awakened.

You never know how close you are until you move forward. Keep evolving and experiencing what you love. She says

People can connect with me and learn more via email, my website, or social media.



Instagram/Tiktok/Twitter/Youtube: @ichaikey

Facebook: Chai Key

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