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YECR Is Making His Presence Known

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YECR is breaking the idea that you can only be great at one thing and that’s something you like doing, and he is empowering other artists and small artists to follow his foot steps. Yatzel Elier Calderon Rivera , aka BobbyJayTV was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Delaware. As an individual with numerous talents, it tends to be difficult to pick only one as you will constantly feel like piece of you is absent. YECR advice to the youth is to not give up on their goal and invest in their profession as it will help them attain financial freedom and secure their future in the long run. As a former Musician, he has expanded his horizons beyond music and has launched his own record label, Called YECR Music Records. YECR is also a Content Creator and top influencer with over 30k followers on TikTok & Twitter.

YECR has always had a deep interest in music and Content Creator . He stated that from a young age, his dream was to build a Audience on YouTube with his videos he made off Gaming And Live Streaming. To make his dreams Into reality.

His Record Label YECR Music Records was designed to shine a spotlight on artists, And help each and one another grow.

In any case, getting to the top hasn’t been simple. YECR has experienced many obstacles, from people not having have faith in his ability and this was deterring for Jay. Thinking back, Yatzel says the incalculable disappointments and slip-ups has helped shape him into the financial specialist he is today.

As he keeps on extending his endeavors, YECR says that he wants to show everybody that you can succeed in more than one field. The worldwide music scene is savagely aggressive, and with such countless individuals joining the business, assembling your name can be hard. By sharing what he has learn, Yatzel desires to help others in finding their balance and realize that you can live your passion despite the obstacles.

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