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Truth Be Told Robyn and Shelby Are The Villains of The Best Man: The Final Chapters

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Peacock erupted the internet when they announced its 8 episode final chapter to our favorite friends Lance, Q, Harper and and Murch. While most of us were hoping for a movie after we were left hanging when Q announced that he was getting married at the close of the Best Man Holiday. From the beginning, we all agreed that Harper was the bad guy. If you haven’t watched the classic “The Best Man” let me catch you up. Lance, Quentin, Harper and Murch were all college friends. Lance was the football superstar and his girlfriend Mia was a churchgoing, wholesome journalist that worked with Harper at the College paper. Jordan was the one that everyone knew that Harper wanted but they were both too driven and too focused to ever get together or so everyone thought. In Harper’s novel, Unfinished Business, he takes a trip down memory lane and changes the names of the characters to tell the stories of the relationships of his friend’s in college but there’s a catch. Harper gives a steamy detail of having sex with Jordan when in fact it was with Mia and he’s been asked to be Lance’s best man. Jordan gets an advance copy of the book and as everyone begins to read it they instantly know that Harper has done the worst thing anyone could do to his best friend, sleep with his woman.

Since 1999, The Best Man has been a staple within the black community even increasing the sales of the infamous “Candy” upon its release. While ultimately, Harper was able to forgo his own narcissistic ways to not only get Lance to forgive him and still marry Mia, he also took the moment to ask Robyn to marry him. By the Best Man Holiday, Harper and Robyn were married and Robyn was pregnant with their first child. Murch was had finally broken up with Shelby and was married to Candice and they have two kids. Lance and Mia had four beautiful kids and he was killing it on the field playing for the New York Giants. Q and Shelby found each other in bed and dodging the fact that they really liked one another. Since then Shelby is a mom and on reality tv but she is hoping to win back Murch. But the holiday would soon be cut short when the group finds out that Mia has cancer and is dying. Once again they show up for each other and pull it together to be there for Lance, who is denial. Harper again sacrificing his friends for his own gain, neglects to tell Lance that he wants to write his autobiography despite having a mock up and to being in a really good place with Lance. But friendship prevails and everyone forgives Harper and moves on.

I must say with the Best Man Chronicles, I expected the same. There is no denying the chemistry between Harper and Jordan I figured it would be inevitable before they got together. While they did share another kiss, Robyn spent the series crying and complaining. She also happened to have her eyes set on another man and making her escape. I found it weird that her inner voice echoed being home in Jamaica and later on she was quick to want to jump up stay in Africa for two months but quickly shutdown Harper’s want to leave Harlem and move to a better neighborhood. I screamed but you just wanted to live in another country! It wasn’t until they went to therapy that the obvious was on display. She had never actually told Harper had she felt about anything but easily held him accountable. Now I definitely don’t think Harper is innocent but so often women will convict men of trials they had no idea even existed.

Not to get off topic but lets circle back to Shelby. We meet her as Murch’s annoying manipulative girlfriend that he ultimately leaves the stripper he meets at Lance’s bachelor party. Quentin and Shelby have a one night stand at the end of the Best Man and Shelby appears with a. daughter in the Best Man Holiday but it escaped my mind to question who the dad was. During the Final Chronicles, Shelby not only appears to stop Quentin’s wedding and get back her man but after she finally gets what she wants she shares that Quentin is actually her daughter’s father. What is even more crazy is she ample time to tell Quentin this but never did despite continuing to hookup with him. They do end up married in the end but that doesn’t make it any dirtier.

If you haven’t already, check out the trailer and below and binge watch the series. I promise you won’t regret it.

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