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Jelani Kay is one of the few artists with a unique and thrilling rap style. He is a sensational hip-hop artist and influencer creating a name for himself in the entertainment business. His originality and ability to create music are key factors as to why his music resonates with so many.

Regardless of the many setbacks or obstacles along the way, you need to remain resilient and focus on your goals, and you will eventually succeed. Recording Artist Jalani Kay is a passionate artist who has risen against all odds, and today, he is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

The rising star who has a unique and special set of ingredients throughout his growing music portfolio, released his new song “Strange Feelings,” exclusively on streaming platforms today. The song was produced by his long-time friend and billboard charting producer JesseGotBangerz
Jelani Kay surprised his fans with a skit with BigBoy on the record. Big Boy approached Jelani Kay as he was recording for his Instagram live attending a celebrity party which took place in Hollywood, Big Boy quoted “ Look who I ran into “Jelani Kay” I’m just Walking around im and I see this MF! , Who’s up Next ?! And pointed at Jelani Kay and yelled, Hellooooooo”

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