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Talib Kweli & Mount Westmore On The New Album, 2Pac Stories, Snoop, E-40 Slang | People’s Party Full

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In this episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli,” Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with members of hip hop supergroup Mount Westmore, rappers E-40, Too Short, and Ice Cube:

Here’s what we got into:

• How all four members of the group elevate one another.
• Breaking down Mount Westmore’s track, ‘Free Game’.
• Too $hort’s pioneering of the independent hustle.
• $hort and Cube going back to the days of opening for Run DMC.
• E-40 and $hort referring to each other by their government names.
• The amazing legacy of Suave House Records founder Tony Draper.
• Fun facts and ‘did you knows’ of hip hop history and shared B-days.
• Snoop Dogg doing it all and his secret to productivity.
• Breaking down the 40 Water lingo and how it changed the game.
• 40’s lack of props from the East Coast while he topped the charts.
• The dynamic of the Bay’s “emcees” and “game spitters”.
• Talib’s trip cross-country to check out Cali’s hip hop culture.
• Who might be worthy of a Mount Eastmore and Mount Southmore.
• How the West Coast’s underdog attitude bleeds into Mount Westmore.
• What went into Cube’s impactful and influential album, ‘Death Certificate.’
• Rap’s bad rap and the never-ending controversy over its lyrics.
• The importance of understanding the origins of hip hop culture.
• $hort’s earlier positive songs getting the biggest push from the labels.
• The groups evolution in writing and themes as they have matured.
• Recognizing fact from fiction and how that line has been blurred today.
• Youngsters not living long enough to gain the wisdom needed to survive.
• Discussing the production side of Mount Westmore and Rick Rock.
• 40 sitting on the beat for ‘Blow The Whistle’ before $hort made it his own.
• 40 sharing all his terms for money and defining ‘Callipygian’.
• How touring has changed at their age and groupies getting turned down.
• Snoop embracing the sci-fi themed music video for ‘Big Subwoofer’.
• The group making millions from their first hit single and what it proved.
• 40 witnessing 2Pac’s impeccable work ethic while recording ‘All Eyez On Me’.
• $hort being by Cube’s side when he broke away from N.W.A.
• Cube getting to know Pac while he was still rolling with Digital Underground.
• Pac’s eagerness to touch people with his words and having wisdom beyond his years.
• Showing love for Boots Riley, Lil Jon, Hi-Tek, Dilla, MC Breed, and others.
• Advice on how to grow old gracefully and mottos to live by.

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