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KBFR Releases New EP, ‘Winter Time 2’

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After exploding onto the scene in 2020, KBFR has been one of the most dynamic artists since the world stopped due to the pandemic. The last five years of the 2010s saw a rampant amount of artistic expression, due to the power of social media. It felt like people who never considered making music, were more inclined to give it a shot. With it being so easy to get lost in the shuffle, there were plenty of high and low moments during this span. But one artist that stayed ten toes down, and put in the work was KBFR. This Philly rapper made the most of a bad situation and turned it into an opportunity of a lifetime. Capitalizing on his newfound success in 2020, he has continued pushing out more and more quality projects like his newest release, “Winter Time 2”.

“This year been some whole other sh*t,” KBFR says about the new project. “But f*ck it we ain’t going sad! For the holidays I give you Winter Time 2.”

On “Winter Time 2”, KBFR dives further into his draft and can deliver a concise project full of party bangers, witty one-liners, and captivating stories from his life. For example, a song such as “6 Ways” shows KBFR having a moment of self-realization about how far he’s come and reminiscing on overcoming past hardships throughout his life. No features are needed on this 6-song EP because they wouldn’t do anything but distract listeners from his sentimental message.

“Winter Time 2” reaffirms that KBFR was destined to do great things. It’s something about his stoic demeanor and cooler-than-ice personality. He’s always confident in his rapping ability and brings that same swagger to every track on this EP. There’s enough heat on this project to keep an entire town warm.

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