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Christian Kennedy drops new album “DarkSide 88

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Bridgeport, Connecticut artist Christian Kennedy has finally released his highly-anticipated album “DarkSide 88.” Kennedy first gained fame last year when his song “M & M” went viral on TikTok, leading to an interview on Power 105.1 and other media appearances. The success of “M & M” helped to build anticipation for Kennedy’s next release, and fans have been eagerly waiting for “DarkSide 88” to drop.

The new album offers a different sound from Kennedy’s previous drill style, and features collaborations with other rap artists Showly and Sadity. Kennedy has also promised to release visuals for the album in the coming weekend, which will give fans a deeper look into the themes and concepts behind the record.

Kennedy has stated that he is excited for fans to see the visuals and fully digest the album. He has also encouraged fans to follow him on Instagram @ChristianKennedy___ for more updates on his path to success, and to download “DarkSide 88” on all platforms. This new album is a step forward in the artist’s career, showing a different side of his musical abilities and versatility.

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