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Kindness the Doer: How This Artist Overcame His Struggle With Mental Illness

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August Russell (Better known as Kindness) is having a breakthrough in his music career. We are anxiously awaiting his debut album which is going to be released in less than a month from now. This artist overcame being diagnosed with major mental health issues, but is now able to become a professional, touring and successful artist with his own label. August has many projects lined up over the next few years. You can expect his projects to lead you in the direction of God, and provide a powerful theme, such as “Gospel, theatrical rap”. This is a style that is original to Kindness and will be fully portrayed in his second professional project being released at Easter 2023, entitled “ELOHIM (THE ONE WHO COMES FROM THE SKY)”.

These projects are in the works and will feature his up-and-coming band entitled “LOVE”. Stay tuned for more and check out his album “THE LOST TRIBE OF JUDAH” being released this Christmas of 2022. You can see Kindness on the COAST2COAST stage in Early 2023 in addition to other performances.

You can follow him on IG & Twitter @AugustRelated

“They used to call me stupid but now people are being changed by my music” — August Russell

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