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“Music Chose Me”: Mic Ca$h’s Story of Commitment, Consistency And Stardom

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Mic Ca$h believes that consistent practice as a creative is the key to lasting progress. But knowing something is not the same as doing it. The process of consistently creating art is meant to produce exponential growth. In reality, exponential growth increases at an expanding rate. Failure is a possibility whenever a person is not consistent at something and does not show any commitment towards their work. The basic formula for continually getting better is to showcase the highest level of consistency, which will lead to quantity and, eventually, quality outcomes. Everything starts with consistency—just showing up every day.

Mic Ca$h is an entrepreneur and rapper who actively uses his talents to inspire young people to be more resilient in their endeavors. He founded a music production company that not only identifies novice talents in various populations but also uses the resources available to him to write and produce his own songs. Mic Ca$h says that the pillar of his current success has been establishing a brand image that communicates the power of commitment and consistency.

As a child, Mic Ca$h wanted to become a worldwide musical superstar. It is a dream that he attributes to the support system that surrounded him throughout his childhood. His father has an independent record label, while his grandfather has been a concert promoter for over 50 years. He found himself composing rhythms and melodies in his home studio he built at the age of 13, paving the way for success and occasionally getting advice and mentorship on how to refine his art. Mic Ca$h believes that music chose him, and all he has been doing is showing up and showing out every day.

One way of becoming a committed and consistent musician is to think about outputs, not outcomes. Mic Ca$h sets goals based on what he is capable of doing rather than what he desires to happen. This way, he remains focused on being a consistent creator, which increases the likelihood that he will be the best in the business. Aside from this, Mic Ca$h says that it is better to consistently practice an art than go for a grand slam. He has observed how upcoming artists get lost in their excitement to produce a new song, going all out with what they want to accomplish. While this might seem like a commendable thing, Mic Ca$h reiterates that it is better to spend 30 minutes or an hour every day consistently committed to creating a song than spending 4 hours a day because of a newfound excitement that will likely be short-lived.

Mic Ca$h parting shot, “Decide that you want to be committed and consistent, then put structures in place that will ensure you achieve all your goals. make up your mind once, be patient with yourself, and watch exponential results come.”

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