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We Heard A.T.L.D.V. Has A New Album Coming Up?

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What’s the new A.T.L.D.V. album about, sound, vibe, influences etc?


The new album is full of dope brand new heat from your new favorite R&B band A.T.L.D.V. This time, it’s giving the new vibes that is a must hear. What vibe is that you ask? Imagine an all-inclusive party for you and your friends, crisscrossing color, language, age, and genres. The vocals and lyrics from AMY has been compared to H.E.R, Jhene” Aiko, and others whom we have come to adore. Nako provides that Southern Devincci blu, hip-hop, R&B fusion. He does it like no other, combining his rap singing melodic flow that bringing the heat. Ike Nyce does what he does best. He provides the R&B party blend to the entire project. It’s a winning combination. All the influences of R&B, pop and hip-hop are present, front, and center.


Who produced the new album, any features?


The new project went back to the well with past producers and introduces new vibes. Slab Beats, our resident producer, blesses the project with five super dope productions. This may be his best work yet. A.D.Got Da Sauce provided five productions that will make your tongue wag. Hot sauce indeed! Veteran producer QZ DA Musiqman blazed the bangers on the album that are easily identifiable. Finally our homie, TracLayer jumps on and provides his signature R&B grooves to round out the total package for the real R&B lovers.

Our goal is to give artists a space to create with others and push creativity to the limit. Fantasia Barrino slides on the hook for “What You Lookin At” and gives it the only way she knows how. Soulful. We bring you DC vibes through our very own April Sampe’ who blesses the tracks Screamin’, Rep Yo City and Gimme Sum. D.U.B., who has been down with A.T.L.D.V from the start couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get on the track “Relationships”. Although QZ Da Musicman produced “WYLA” – he was obligated to provide his very own interpretation of this masterpiece. It’s hot! Junior repped the South on “Head Bob”. Get your head bobbing then. We couldn’t dare leave out Wyleek, who once again brings that island swing with “My Ting”.


When can we expect the new album to drop?


The new year will bring new things. Our new release, we’re planning to drop the first quarter of next year with visuals coming first to get you prepared. Look for videos the top of 2023.


Who have you guys recently worked with?


A.T.L.D.V. has opened as a support act for R&B Legends such as Keith Sweat, SWV, Guy, Ginuwine and many others. We are constantly booked for shows across the country.


What’s the Rep Yo City single all about?


Rep Yo City is a whole Vibe. It’s self-explanatory. If you love where you are from and you go hard for your city, if you live in the best city, if your sports team is breaking records, if you have the hottest dances on TikTok, if you have the best hairstylists, if you have the best music, if you have the best fashions, then Rep Yo City. Tell us about it, send in your remix to the song, and we will get it played in your city when we come there. It’s that simple.


What are A.T.L.D.V.’s upcoming plans for the year ahead?


Our plan is to keep promoting this new project with the support of Sony/Orchard distribution. We will continue to tour with some of the best R&B artists and hip-hop legends. Our main goal is to carve our own niche and establish ourselves as one of the best live band performances you will ever see. Please follow us on our website for tour dates, merchandise, and pre-order of the new album “The Future of R&B Bands Vol. II”.

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