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Strangest facts revealed from Hushpuppi’s criminal case

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Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi has now been sentenced to over 11 years in a federal state prison. From documented court papers and information gathered by Chicago based independent investigator Bruce Walsy, here are some surprising facts about the infamous ”Billionaire Gucci Master”
1. Hushpuppi planned to adopt a 3-year-old Malaysian boy  
Applications were seen on his laptop showing in 2015 he had applied to adopt a Malaysian boy from an orphanage in the Sabah state. His application was not approved due to misleading supporting documents he used to apply. It is quite common for foreign nationals applying to adopt a baby in an attempt to help their application for residence visas in Malaysia. Not long after his rejected application, Hushpuppi left Malaysia to start a new life in Dubai U.A.E where a few years later he would gain a St Kitts passport through a sham marriage with a St Kitts citizen.
2. Hushpuppi was practicing to become a violinist
The violin is associated with a luxurious/wealthy life and receipts found in Hushpuppi’s home detailed he had taken 12 different 1-hour classes to learn how to play the violin in Dubai. Although 12 hours is not enough to become a competent violinist it is still interesting to know that he was aspiring to learn the musical instrument.
3. Hushpuppi lost $310,000 after forgetting his Bitcoin account password 
Hushpuppi was a regular user of the underground website where he would buy leads and hacked Bitcoin accounts. On a particular occasion in 2018, he changed the password on a hacked Bitcoin account that he purchased and then forgot his new password by mistake. Messages on Hushpuppi’s ICQ messaging app shows he paid 8 different people to crack the password on the account in an attempt to access the lost money but all attempts were unsuccessful. As a result, he lost access to $310,000 worth of Bitcoin in the hacked account.
4. Hushpuppi owned a 15-acre catfish farm in Ghana
Documents found at his residence show he had acquired a 15-acre catfish farm in Ghana and was in the process of expanding production. Catfish is also a popular sea food dish in Nigeria, and it may be likely he was planning to become a major importer to Nigeria in the future.
5. Hushpuppi had a cult like following 
Videos on his seized phone show there is a temple called ‘Angel of Hushpuppi Ministries’ with approximately 32 worshippers in Oyin state, Nigeria. Pictures of Hushpuppi were all over the premises and worshippers are seen conducting praise songs to the ‘God of Hushpuppi’. Hushpuppi’s Instagram messages show that a member from that ministry had contacted him for donations however there was no evidence showing Hushpuppi replied or donated to the congregation.
6. Hushpuppi once gave a waitress $5,000 as a tip
Receipts found in his apartment during his arrest at the Palazzo Versace, Dubai show that he made a generous $5,000 tip to a female waitress at a restaurant in Palm Jumeirah. In comparison, his food bill was $318 which shows just how extravagant his tip was. He must have been extremely impressed with the service he received that day or maybe it was another act of flaunting his wealth and showing his lavish spending.

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