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Lil Durk & OTF Share ‘Loyal Bros 2’ Compilation Tape; Durk Flexes with Deeski on “Block Is Hot” Video

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Lil Durk teams up with Deeski to share “Block Is Hot,” a video for a project standout. Rhyming atop an insistent bassline and hyperactive piano arpeggios, Durk kicks off the proceedings with a blistering no-auto verse, cementing OTF’s untouchable reputation in the streets and comparing his crew to the classic Cash Money roster: “Block war, I got DeDe greet me, he a block boy/Hot Boyz, got so many guns we feel like Glock Boys.” Deeski, aka DeDe or “Ski,” as Durk helpfully points out in the song’s intro, delivers a no-holds-barred verse of his own, his voice inflecting upwards with each tough-talking taunt: “If he talkin’ then he lose his face/All my n****s they be fightin’ case.” In the video, Deeski and Durk kick back on the South Side of Chicago, where he counts cash and mobs with his fellow vultures, including Doodie Lo and Chief Wuk.

Lil Durk has achieved remarkable success in his career, but as high as he’s risen, he’d never have gotten far without his loyal bros. Showcasing the talents of his brethren from his Only The Family label, Lil Durk presents Loyal Bros 2, a new compilation tape. Check out “Block is Hot” below:


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