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Kidd Suavay and Rico Suavay Double Back with Krazy Music 2

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Exhibiting creativity, rising artists has been accelerating the music scene with new EP’s and mixtapes. Kidd Suavay and Rico Suavay new mixtape Krazy Music 2 is taking off. Recently released in late 2022 at the end of December, Krazy Music 2 has been buzzing in the streets. The mixtape has been gaining awareness as their slick rhyme’s catches that attention of fans. Kidd Suavay and Rico Suavay developed Krazy Music 2 with a duo partnership, exploding the music scene with something fresh and trendy. The dedication and artists chemistry lead to a fire collective mixtape between the two. In classic mixtape fashion, the Savannah rhymers Kidd Suavay and Rico Suavay offer up fresh new vocals over well produced beats. The melodic spitters glided seamlessly over the instrumentals and released an unexpected visual the same day the mixtape dropped. ” Walk With Me ” on YouTube is gaining traction rapidly, the Hip-Hop artists video was full of energy and good vibes.

Rico Suavay shows his progression with engineering over the past years, mixing and mastering the whole Krazy Music 2 project. Rico Suavay style and innovation has kept him involving as an artist. After re-exploding onto the scene in 2020, Kidd Suavay has been one of the most dynamic artists since the world stopped due to the pandemic. As an incarcerated rapper Kidd Suavay momentum hasn’t slowed up, he just seem to work harder.

These two Savannah, Georgia rappers made the most of a bad situation and turned it into an opportunity of a lifetime. Capitalizing on the duo newfound success in 2022, Kidd Suavay and Rico Suavay has continued pushing out quality projects such as the new trending mixtape Krazy Music 2. Within the last five years Kidd Suavay and Rico Suavay saw a rampant amount of artistic expression, due to the power of social media. Social media allowed these artists to be more inclined towards their careers and their supportive fanbase.

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