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The Real ‘Harry and Meghan’ Have Finally Stood Up

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The first three episodes of Netflix’s ‘Harry and Meghan’ released and I am truly in awe with the intention of weaving their trauma with their love story to explain why they ultimately chose to walk away from their duties to the Royal Family. After the tragic death of Princess Diana at the hand of the paparazzi, I remember hearing that there would be new rules for how they interacted with the Royals. I never realized until watching this documentary that Prince Harry was never left alone. While I understand documenting the last two years of their lives, I think it was equally enlightening to include how much racism exists at alarming rates within the U.K. I think when your lives are told to the world at whatever headline they choose, I’m sure it felt freeing to tell your story,  yourself. Each story strung together by a single photo, a single moment to capture what they were describing. At some points, it felt like proof. Proof that their love was real. Proof that everything they did once they debuted was under a microscope.

Within the Royal family, your life is not your own. You owe the press and the people apart of your life. From birth, you belong to tabloids and your truth is not your own but the variation of. The fact that you can be born under a contract and your family is literally theirs to exploit is unsettling. If you fall out of favor, then you are open to face horrible lies about you, your family, even your mother in the media. Not only does Meghan feel unsafe but everyone around her. anything that anyone said could be swayed.

Everything within the crazy romance of Harry and Meghan was amazing until it wasn’t. From death threats to accepted bribes by her own father, Meghan has withstood many things. The most heartbreaking was watching her tell how her dad accepted money.

With all the drama, I can’t wait to see what the next episodes unveil!

Check out the Official Trailer 2 Below:

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