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“Here To Stay” Ace Twentyo and SFN Drop New Music

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Ace Twentyo and SFN are dropping a project, “Here To Stay” for everybody! These labelmates have curated vibes that range from bops to anthems to mood music wrapped with melodic rap and bars. Tapping into their emotions their unique vocal tones carried harmoniously on tracks like . While songs like “Shake That ” make you want to do the tik tok hip dance. Both artists compliment each other effortlessly. Ace’s steady alto and clever wordplay and SFN with his almost falsetto work well.

Both artists come from humble beginnings, both played basketball at one point and both want to make great music. Ace Twentyo, SFN as well as other artists on the label also have experience on both sides of the mics. Ace used to DJ and SFN was recording himself from a young age. This project and team are very well constructed, let’s see what’s next for them!



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