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Kelyes’ new single ‘Not Around Pt. 2’ is filled with emotionally driven lyrics

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Music has long been an effective way to communicate with the masses, and lyrics have played a massive role in delivering this communication. Our ability to recognize basic emotions in music, such as sadness and happiness, is a universal skill that does not always depend on previous exposure to the musical style. Music with meaningful lyrics can touch anyone’s soul on a very deep level. One reason that most of us are comforted by music is that the lyrics validate our emotions. We find ourselves associating music with memories, and this gives people a sense of emotional validity, which can help stabilize our moods.

Kelyes is a singer and songwriter who has been in the entertainment industry for close to a decade. Starting as an actress, she has since then became an artist, a director, a producer and a screenwriter. She recently released a new song titled “Not Around, Pt. 2,” which depicts the experience of a woman who has managed to understand and control her emotions. Her music is more of a soft blend of soothing R&B tones. Kelyes creates songs that are fluid and soulful, mixed with smooth and sensual vibes. But most importantly, she strives to ensure all the songs she produces are authentic. This is why she ensures the lyrics of any song she writes and sings have a sincere emotional appeal that relates to the majority of potential listeners.

In the lyrics of her new song, Kelyes gives the impression of someone being upset or let down by another person. The visuals in the music video juxtapose this because, even though she is in an unfamiliar place, it is possible to see that she is in a state of acceptance. She is no longer fighting where she might be mentally, physically, and emotionally. While this might be a big transition for her, there is some level of appreciation for her overcoming her past and for knowing deep down that she is making the right decision. It is possible for listeners to empathize with what she was trying to communicate in the lyrics largely because she creates the notion that nobody is perfect and we need to work on ourselves to be happy. The music video ends with Kelyes in beautiful scenery, seemingly contemplating where she is in life. One has to admire the cinematic style used at this moment, as everything looks like a dream. It is possible to see the beauty of her growth and her past, but also see her almost welcoming this new state of being alive again.

Kelyes points out that the one thing that most hit songs have in common is their ability to touch the listener’s heart and put them right in the center of the emotional action. Modern musicians are more concerned with making an emotional impact than with using indirect imagery.The best way to achieve this is by coming up with lyrics that express a common emotion for the majority of listeners who prefer a particular genre. Aside from doing this, Kelyes also expands on the original thoughts she had prior to writing the lyrics and comes up with new ways of expressing the same emotion. This is done with the sole purpose of finessing the storyline of her song.

“Not Around, Pt. 2” is an artistic masterpiece that not only showcases Kelyes’ talents as a musician but also depicts her emotional awareness. She considers this song a gift to her fans, especially those who have repressed their emotions for a long time and need to reconnect with their innate being.

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