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EB the MC- “Magic”(Official Video)

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Canadian hip-hop artist and songwriter ‘EB the MC’ debuts short film-style music video titled Magic. The official music video marks EB’s first single-specific visual production.
For EB , and creator culture as a whole, the road to success is often long and filled with uncertainty, but what makes the journey so exciting is the unpredictable touches of magic they occasionally experience along the way. This is the sentiment that he puts a spotlight on in the new music video.

Following a series of freestyle videos, EB shifts his focus to a short film-style format captured in the backdrop of Toronto that tells the story of an emerging musician trying to reconcile his current life with the one he wants as a professional artist. Through a dream-induced state, the viewer is exposed to some of the city’s most iconic landscapes, while EB’s bar-laden performance puts his effortless flow, diction and cadences on full display.

“We went the extra mile on this project to come out with a bang and are really happy how all the elements came together,” says ‘EB the MC’. “For me the narrative of a struggling up-and-coming artist was very important, making it relatable for all creators, so we’d like to continue telling stories moving forward.
Surprise cameo appearances from notable local creators like comedian The6atSix and visual artist Louis Chapheau are sprinkled throughout with captivating montages of Illusionist Edwin Broomfield, tying these motifs together.

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