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ILLAH’s drops “Missed Calls”

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With major co signs from Kanye West’s artist Rooga, Texas heavy hitter Sauce Walka, Sacramento Icon Mozzy, LA rap sensation Baby Stone Gorillas, Capitol Record’s newest billboard charting sensation Wallie The Sensei, Underground vet and No Jumper host Almighty Suspect, New Delhi born and Compton bred artist “ILLAH” is slowly turning into a staple name in LA’s independent music scene and becoming a face for Indians not only on the West Coast but also for Indians across the American Sub continent. With years of experience and having wrote for big names in the music industry like Akon, it wasn’t until early 2019 that ILLAH started gaining traction on fan made videos and songs with over 2 Million streams and counting. ILLAH’s most recent music video “Blessed” shot by popular LA cinematographer Nick Sanchez who goes by “NICK FI7MS” has been organically gaining hundreds and thousands of views. The video features a guest appearance from Comptons very own “Wallei the Sensei” whose hit songs “03 Flow” and “Scandalous” stand at 14 Million and 6 Million views and counting making the India born artist a force to be reckoned with and a face that’s becoming harder and harder to discredit or ignore.

In his most recent 3 track musical endeavour “Missed Calls”, ILLAH linked up with Los Angeles based producer, engineer and multi instrumentalist Anwoy Roy to create a project closer to his original sound that caught the attention of his core fan base initially. A slightly more melodic approach to this album helps an artist such as ILLAH separate himself from the generic LA rap sound and break boundaries. The album also features producers XanXan and Vangala who have worked with several big names such as Sada Baby, Ralfy The Plug and more. A young prodigy, Anwoy Roy has had the opportunity to work with several award winning Bollywood producers and directors such as Pradeep Sarkar. He has also worked on music for many several short films that were selected for majors film festivals across South East Asia and other parts of the world , Anwoy won the “Best Music” category at “The Tagore International Film Festival” also known as “TIFF”. Anwoy has been fortunate enough to be amongst the chosen few individuals all around the world to be ranked among the top 2 artists in the genre of Experimental music across the globe on Reverbnation’s top 10 charts. A graduate of the esteemed Musicians’ Institute, which has been the home to many Grammy winning musicians, Anwoy has since then gone to work with some considerably big names in the music industry. A number of his projects and endeavours enjoyed a great amount of success in the Indian subcontinent having performed and toured major festivals across the country like Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Vh1 SuperSonic, Mood-Indigo all at an extremely young age.

“The energy you put out in your music is the energy you get back so having understood and experienced that, I’m trying to move forward on a positive note and become the best version possible of myself while still being able to relate to others who like my music ” says the 25 year old artist who seems to have matured from the ignorant sound of the inner city. Anwoy has not only worked with not only ILLAH but also many others behind the scenes in the music industry such as Josh Florez, Katsuya Sezaki, Dave Isaac and many more through whom he has gotten a chance to spend time with greats in the studio like, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Majid Jordan, Post Malone, Poo-Bear, Usher and many more. Both of their talents have been recognized Nationally, Internationally and in the digital realm which has helped get world famous media outlets like BBC RADIO UK and Rolling Stone Magazine.

The project “Missed Calls” features a self titled , 2 minute plus track in which ILLAH and Anwoy talk about losing friends and the loneliness artists often experience pursuing their dreams followed by “Save Me” which happens to be yet another melodic song carried by Anwoy’s guitar based sound, cookie cutter production skills and pop songwriting ability with soaring vocals from ILLAH on how music has saved the two and has been a means of escape to many others across the world. Ending the EP with “Before The Light”, a song which promotes positivity in style, the project is currently on all platforms and starting to turn.

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