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Discovering Talent and Showing It Off To The World: Story of An Artist AK-SLIM

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Many talents go unnoticed because of different reasons. Some are due to a lack of publicity and exposure, while other aspiring artists give up before they can hone their talent. But the story of AK-SLIM reiterates the message that “no dream is unachievable.” Regardless of your situation, you can make the most of your ambition by focusing on the positives. Challenges will always test your endurance, but they should never bring you down.

AK-SLIM is one of the best artists who defied all odds to achieve a successful music career. Despite the challenges, AK-SLIM has potential to become one of the most successful black artists from Western Canada. He fought against all odds to make a place for himself on the big stage; while he enjoys the rave, his Hip Hop, Melodic Trap, and Afro Trap have continued to amass a fanbase.

AK-SLIM had a talent and passion for music. He started showing interest in music at the age of 12, but he never took his music career seriously. His first big stage performance was in 2013, opening up for American rapper/actor Common. Yet, he wasn’t looking at making music as a full-fledged career at the time. However, this took a different turn in 2016 after releasing his first music video. AK-SLIM decided to pursue his passion and has been consistent in the industry since then. His talent soon caught the eyes of many who watched him perform or heard him sing, and many people predicted a brighter future for him. He was on track to become one of the first black rappers from Calgary, which soon came to fruition.

AK-SLIM recently released his debut EP called “Relentless” which is an instant hit. The EP is starting to get noticed and ranked number one on the Canadian Hip Hop iTunes Chart. It also appeared among the top 100 on All Genre iTunes Charts. This feat marked the first significant breakthrough in his music career; consequently, his fan base is growing even more fiercely. He has continued to enthrall his audience from then on.

AK-SLIM and JAIoftherise featured in the recently released “Did It Myself” hit song. It is a dynamic anthem with lyrics themed around the lows and highs of the artist’s grind. “Did It Myself” was produced by ArazOnTheBeat, a decorated producer whose portfolio speaks for itself. AK-SLIM and his co-artist both demonstrated their sonic cadence that complimented each other. However, the AK-SLIM’s style came out as more melodic Hip Hop, while JAIoftherise’s music was more RnB Hip Hop. Nevertheless, the duo put up a worthy show for the audience.

So far, one may conclude that AK-SLIM had a smooth ride to becoming the person he is, but that is far from the truth. In an exclusive interview, AK-SLIM revealed the challenges he overcame to build his career. In the early days of his career, he was sidelined, as no one gave him the attention he deserved, given his background- a minority group in the music scene. As a result, he had to work several times harder and go the extra mile to gain recognition in the music industry. AK-SLIM also spent 18 months incarcerated, which affected his music and career. Fortunately, his team SAFI continued to stand in for him by releasing his music while he was in.

AK-SLIM has become an inspiration to many. Some of Western Canada’s black artists now look up to him as their mentor. He is still determined to make his music go international and to be the most influential artist from his home city. Lastly, be sure to be on the lookout for AK-SLIM and Jupitxr’s new single called “While I’m Here” that’s dropping this January.

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