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Up And Coming Artist, TLØVE Announces New Collab Mixtape, “Still Rappin”

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Tyler Strickland, notably known as TLØVE, is a talented independent artist from the Bay Area, Pittsburg, Ca. Unknown to many, TLØVE’s passion for music dates back to his high school years. The young TLØVE was thrilled and attracted to music’s power and influence on society. He was also amazed by the music’s ability to speak to different people regardless of their culture, language, or geographical location. TLØVE’s artistic story begins with a close friend giving him access to an older brother’s studio, where they managed to create and record a single. However, the talented rapper chose not to chase the musical path but, instead, first to focus on his studies while also learning and understanding the music scene.

“We rapped as a hobby on and off for years. I knew I had talent but just never took it seriously. Now I just turned 28. I’ve been taking rap seriously for about a year now.” TLØVE explains.

It didn’t take long before TLØVE returned to his passion. TLØVE ventured into the mainstream music scene after he went through a tough time in his personal life. Music served as therapy, helping him articulate his emotions. “I also try to put my story in my music. I make music based on how I’m feeling at the moment so a lot of my music tells my story,” the renowned artist says.

Today, TLØVE stands out with not only his authentic and varied musical style. He is also notable for his versatility as a creative artist who can sing, rap, storytell, and harmonize complex tunes. TLØVE is also notable for his desire to push his limits, constantly trying different kinds of music beyond his comfort zone.

“I like to think I know what I can excel at so I try to expand those areas. And I try to be as genuine as possible in my music so people really get an idea of who I am without even actually knowing me. I think that’s dope to give the fans as close of a connection with you as possible. I also don’t feel like you can label my music or put it in a box or say I sound like anyone else. I have my own sound.” TLØVE reiterates

Recently, the Sensational rapper has taken over the airwaves with his classical hits that are swiftly helping him obtain a solid fanbase. His fan base is keenly waiting for the release of TLØVE’s new collab mixtape dropping soon, “Still Rappin,” a collection of musical gems that will definitely cement his position in the game.

In a few years, TLØVE sees himself way ahead in his career. He wants to expand his musical catalog and hopefully reward his fan base with hit after hit. To him, the desire is to naturally achieve everything that comes with growing a music career. The young rapper is focused on improving his overall craft learning from some of the greats in the industry. TLØVE’s dreams and aspirations are to be the biggest artist in the world while being the best artist he can be.

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