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Trippy Tribbitt Leads Memphis Tennessee

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Trippy Tribbitt is an upcoming artist from Memphis Tennessee. Tripp stated he has been doing music for over a decade and recently found what he was missing in his music and that was charisma. Trippy Tribbitt released his debut EP “End Of Discussion” which included his single “Be Yours” in December of 2021. Nine month later in September of 2022, he released his second EP entitled “Unscripted Feelings” which included two singles “Premeditated” & “Toxic N*qqa Summer (TNS)”. Tripp stated he thinks he is the most charismatic artist out of Memphis with his energy and stage presence. He has also hosted shows with the likes of Memphis own Jucee Froot & NLE Choppa. Tripp also co host of a podcast entitled “Can You Spitt” which give upcoming artists a chance to showcase their talent and be interviewed. Trippy Tribbitt released 4th Single entitled “Pop Out” in October of 2022. “Pop Out” is currently number 1 music video on the Brink TV Music U Countdown. He also had his singles “TNS” & “Premeditated” on Brink Music U Countdown also with “Premeditated” being on the countdown for 7 out of 8 weeks and “TNS” being retired in the Brink TV Countdown Hall of fame making an complete consecutive 8 week run. We ask Tripp what’s next from him? He told us the sky’s the limit. He is currently working on his debut album that will be entitled “Obsolete”. He said this will be some of the best music from him. He doesn’t have a set date for the release but he said it will be in 2023. We look forward to seeing his progression in the near future.


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